About Mary

Mary Jarvis has loved art for as long as she can remember.

In kindergarten, while the other kids rushed to the playground, Mary engaged in conversations about what colors they liked best.

Throughout middle school and high school, Mary was surrounded by supportive teachers who encouraged her to explore her passion, art. One of her teachers, Fred Goza, encouraged her to take a Graphic Design course at the Caddo Career Center, and there was no turning back.

After graduating from Ole Miss with a degree in Graphic Design, Mary worked in print and television, but she never stopped learning and creating, using her free time after work to explore various art forms.

After moving back to Shreveport, she signed up for a glass bead class in Dallas and immediately fell in love with the medium and its unique blend of art and science. She returned home and bought the necessary equipment to pursue her newfound passion.


Mary takes her inspiration from nature and loves snapping photographs for future projects. She’s passionate about what she does and takes great pleasure in seeing a project go from an idea to a finite work of art.

She believes that creation comes from both the head and the heart.

That every creator puts joy into each object which is waiting to be rubbed off and unlocked by the next person who possesses it.

Mary Jarvis sits on the board at the Louisiana State Exhibit Museum. Her work can be seen at Sanctuary Glass in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Mary completed her Graduate Degree in Metalsmithing from University of North Texas in Denton, Texas in 2018.